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Telecommunication & Data Center

With more than 17 years of experience in telecom & data center infrastructure industries, we have proven that we are an exceptional partner to answer all your telecom & data center needs. Our line of product and services cover all types of networking needs such as in-building solution, base station solution, core network solution, & transmission network solution; all types of data center needs such as database module, network module, & computational module; and lastly, all types of support such as network architecture & rollout implementation.

Mobility & Software Solution

Our Company has an exceptional ecosystem built by our System Integrators, Distributors, and Principal product vendors network to answer all your mobility & software needs. All this solution combined with our long year of experience will definitely be able to produce the most optimal solutions to any problem you are facing. Even more, we also provide services to create custom websites, mobile apps, or even IOT solutions. We are confident that our expertise will definitely not disappoint your expectations.

Our ecosystem

Software in house developer
Create your own unique website, desktop, & mobile applications. With our expertise and experience, we will professionally build any kind of application you want. This service is bundled with free maintenance & support to ensure our customer satisfaction.
Network and Data Center Architecture & Implementation
We can be your go to partner for any network & data center project you have. We have proven our competence in this field with our 17 years of experience. No matter what stage of the project you are in right now, we are ready to support you.
Custom IOT Ecosystem Implementation
Design and Build your own IOT ecosystem with us. We have experts from several fields of engineering that can make any ideas of yours come true. We will build you devices with custom-made control dashboard and even design the rollout plan for you. Be at ease and trust your IOT needs with us.
System integrator & Managed Service Provider
Let us do all the work in ensuring your technical problem is fully resolved without you spending any effort. We will combine all relevant solutions that we have in our disposal, create elaborate planning to use them, set them up for use, and even solve any after sales problems that might occur later. We will solve all your technical problem so you could focus on what you’re doing best, generating revenue.
IT consultancy & services
Our experts will methodologically analyze and resolve any of your enterprise needs. Be it increasing profit, minimizing expense, or even creating the business by adding some technology, our expert will support you with their data centric approach. We believe that with our expertise and experience, we can make your business runs even smoother than ever before.
Telecom & network infrastructure
We can provide you solutions for all your network & telecom projects. We have many types of networking solutions such as in building solutions, base station solutions, core network solutions, and even transmission network solutions. No matter on which stage your project is currently on, we are ready to provide you appropriate solutions & products for you to use.
Enterprise mobility solution
The rise of mobile phone technology has shifted the work culture of enterprises. Nowadays, employees could do all their work in their phones anywhere they want whenever they need. To help your enterprise adapt with this new era, we are ready to provide you with appropriate enterprise mobility solutions. From devices to UEM or even third party applications, we could provide you anything you need.
IT infrastructure & data center
On premises IT solutions are still very much sought after. The level of security, privacy, and reliability that it has will definitely entice a lot of enterprises. With our expertise and experience, we will be able to help you realize any IT infrastructure & data center architecture that you have. We have a lot of solutions regarding database module, network module, & computational module that are ready to be implemented in your enterprise.
Cloud solution
With the rise of cloud technology, a lot of enterprises has started shifting their business strategy. As enterprises are moving their IT expenses from CAPEX to OPEX, we are expanding our services to cloud and managed services. With our massive ecosystems of partners, we are confident we would be able to provide you any cloud based solutions you need.
IT security solution
Security is the heart of any enterprise. Network infrastructure security must always be updated and patches of security vulnerability must be done as soon as possible before security breach occurs. The same rule applies to cloud solution security, we cannot be lax when talking about this topic. For that, we have partnered with several security technology giants to help you make sure your company is safe and secure.

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